"K9 Rouk started his training in the Netherlands as a Title 1 KNPV Dog. In 2009, K9 Rouk was acquired by Naval Special Warfare, and was assigned to the East Coast Based Multi-Purpose Canine Program.  Rouk was paired up with the  first of his 3 MPC handlers and integrated into training with his "New Pack" seamlessly.  K9 Rouk was an integral component of contingency operations overseas, searching buildings for hostile combatants and explosives. He is directly responsible for saving his teammates' lives on multiple occasions.  Rouk completed 5 dangerous deployments to various areas of operations around the world, and in 2015, after years of hard work and dedication to his Teammates, he was finally ready to hang up his flippers and reunite with his first Dad and his family in Denver.   Since then, Rouk has made the most of his retirement in Colorado, backpacking, fly-fishing and generally enjoying his hard earned relaxation. Rouk entered the "Dogs That Served" Family Fold this year when he needed to have surgery to remove some testicular cancer.  It's only been a month Post-OP, but the help Dogs that Served provided Rouk and his Family have greatly improved his quality of life.  We can't thank the Team at Dogs that Served enough for giving Rouk the help he needed when he did. He has more than earned our care and respect, and I'm happy there are organizations out there that will recognize his service and the toll it took on him. "

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